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      Ok I recently bought this apartment in Rockford, Illinois for only $ 17,500 somewhere around there. I was really happy and surprised I got it for so cheap. Anyway the first week or so was alright. Everything was new and I liked it. A few strange phenomenon like a closet banging (I didn’t hear it I just heard banging on a wooden object) and sudden feelings that someone or more than someone is watching me. So at around day 9 I was in my kitchen and was about to wash my hands and I turned on the faucet for cold water and nothing came out. No water, nothing. And my hands were below it and suddenly boiling hot water comes rushing out the “cold” faucet instead of the warm one. I had some serious 2nd degree burns and I rushed to the hospital to fix them. Even now I’m wearing a hand bandage. I was surprised and I just blamed it on some “broken tube” or anything. Then for 2 weeks nothing happened only the banging. And then at day 29 or so I was washing my face (I wash my face twice a day) and when I looked up I saw a 4-5 year old girl on a stool standing on it and staring at me in the eye (I saw this through the mirror by the way). My heart stopped in fear and I noticed that it vanished. Now it’s been 2 days since it happened and I’m scared to death in this house. If the last owner sold this apartment for $ 60,000 cheaper then something terribly went wrong in this home. I need help to elliminate this demon child from my home. And yesterday I awoke to giggling in the middle of the night at 2:23 A.M.

      Please any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m trying not to be scared because I think the more I become scared the more powerful this connection with this ghost is. Is it a ghost, a demon, or a spirit?

      Honest answers only please but if you MUST joke around saying that I should call the ghostbusters then please don’t waste your time


      And to the girl who answered Im not goin gto Ouija board. i did that as a kid and a demon will usually try to impersonate the person im trying to find. and I cant move out I cant even sell this house. And if i sell it the otherr personw ill have problems =[
      And yes I am a christian but I think Ill start hanging crucifixes in the house for more protection.

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