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    Does anyone used this site to repair your credit?Is it worth of subscribing?Is there a good site for free credit repair?

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    No credit repair operation can do anything that you cannot easily do yourself.
    If you are happy for a totally unknown company to have all your details, that is your affair, but the one thing they cannot do is access your credit report which makes the whole thing virtually useless. They are allegedly “repairing” something they cannot even see

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    I have never heard of this site until now. So I wanted to check it out myself. I subscribed to it and looked around a little bit to see what it offered.

    It looks like a good site that provides generic advice for repairing your credit, and it looks like it really is free but there probably is a service you could sign up for, which I don’t recommend.

    My only fear about this site is the information I had to provide. It asked me for my E-mail address, which is your username, a password, a first and last name, and a zip code. Everything I provided was false. And the E-mail account I used was a new one I just created. I didn’t want any spam or stuff to be sent to me.

    Overall, I think it’s okay to use it, but don’t be duped into signing up for a service and it would be a good idea to give false information.

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    don’t bother. the only person who can repair your credit is you.

    1. pay your bills on time
    2. don’t have too many CC’s. max of two like visa or MC. maybe a couple of store cards.
    3. an auto loan and mortgage are ok, as long as you make the payments on time
    4. keep the balances for the cards at or near zero by paying them off monthly

    do this and you can become golden.

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    It will cost you several thousand dollars out of pocker to start legal action. You might have a case, but it will not be easy or quick. I hope you have a healthy savings to tap into for legal expenses.

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    For complaints concerning licensed Michigan mortgage brokers:

    Office of Financial and Insurance Services
    P.O. Box 30224
    Lansing, MI 48909
    877 999-6442

    The 3 day right of rescission is for you to make sure you want the loan. It is not to be used for the broker to correct mistakes.

    What was the benefit of doing the loan? If you got substantial cash out, then a jump in payments would happen. For some lenders the prepay is standard. The appraisal issue is scary. There are many things going on here – an attorney specializing in mortgage fraud can help you sort thru everything to determine if there is a case. I would go that route.

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    First of all when a friend offers you something that sounds to good to be true than it might be. It sounds like your mortgage broker really didn’t know his products or not really good. I don’t know if you are telling us the entire scenario. Did you get cash out? Did you raise your loan amount to pay off some debt? or Was it just getting a lower rate? As I see it there was no benefit for you here. Also, getting a 3rd appraisal in 6 months is unheard of. I can see 2 but 3. It sounds like your friend was trying to commit or have the appraiser commit appraisal fraud.

    My next question to you is How long do you plan on staying in your home? Why did you take another 3 year ARM? Your friend should have put you into a 5 year ARM or get you into a 20 year term loan. Sure the payments might have gone up with the 20 year but you would be saving so much in interest over the life time of the loan and there would have been a benefit to you. As the previous poster said you can go to the banking commission in your state or even make a complaint to HUD.

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    Wow, unfortunately this is not uncommon. You should tell people what company this was so they don’t have the same thing happen to them. Right now times are tough in this business and it’s hard to find people looking to refinance when 2-3 years ago rates were 2% lower. And the really bad part is that this person is supposed to be your “friend” and he took advantage of that trust. Many people right now are over-promising and under-delivering. I see it every day. I call up a client off of a lead and they tell me that “Company X” already promised them a 5% interest rate with $ 10,000 back. Right now alot of brokers will say anything to get you to the closing table and once you’re finally there it’s something totally different. You gotta look hard for a good mortgage company that isn’t just out wacking people. And unfortunately the harder you look and the more you pull your credit it’ll make your score drop. But the upside is your scores will be back to normal within a year and you’ll get a good deal. Any questions or concerns feel free to contact me. And good luck with your current situation.

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