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    Me and my fiance want to buy our first home together but the only problem is that we would love to buy a home that is in the 300 thousands but we do not have enough saved up yet for that, what is a better choice : to rent an apartment for 5 or so years while saving up…… or just buy a cheap little house for around 100 thousand and live in there while being able to keep an asset that we are paying for… because rent you cannot get your money back for it. What do you think? I am sure peopel have bought a home…… lived in it for a few years and sold it to buy a another one……. how does that work? Moving mortgages around? etc i havent got a clue when it comes to home buying and mortgages….. any help appreciated! 🙂

    I live in Texas and the average rent for an apartment is 600 dollars.. pretty expensive compared to paying a mortgage for a 100 thousand dollar house which is around the same amount

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