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    So I disputed a charge-off from March 2005 recently. It was deleted off TU immediately but remained under investigation from EQ and EX. Today I received an e-mail from EX stating my results were in. I checked the investigation results and all it says is: Processed.
    It doesn’t say whether it’s deleted, remains, or has been updated. It just says processed? I tried calling EX but it’s impossible to get somebody on the phone. I disputed it on March 7th so it appears like HSBC might have verified it. Because if they didn’t it wouldn’t have been deleted until*April 7th.*I opened*the CC*in March 2005, so the DoFD is not actually until May 2005. So technically it’s not inaccurate because it has not been 7.5 years since DoFD. I understand this was a frowned upon move by me but I was desperate.
    Anyways does anybody know what the heck “processed” means for investigation results from EX?

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