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    I sent a direct dispute last week*to Sallie Mae about the 90 day late in 2007, and the 90 day late in 2008.* (No 30’s or 60’s).* I asked to validate I was late or delete.* (Wriitten before, disputed before, all came back verified).
    I get an email today that says:* “Your Credit Documentation document(s) for your loan(s) was received today, and we’ll update your account within (5) business days.* You can monitor the status of your loan(s) by logging into your account at Sallie Mae.
    *(My biggest fear is that they will add 30 and 60 day lates to the situation and make it much worse).** They could delete them all entirely, which would suck, as there are quite a few of them.
    I’ve been scared to*try to fix this one*- During those years I was in deferrment, loans paid and closed since 2009.* Someone here *told me that they don’t report lates until 60 days, so I was “lucky” to get just the 90’s.**
    I just called them and the CSR said that he couldn’t see any loans in my account as they are closed.* He told me that even if I did log on, I wouldn’t see anything.* He ws no help.* He wouldn’t give me a department to call or anything.
    QUESTION IS:* Anyone have a clue what this is going to mean?

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