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      Yesterday, my family wanted to buy a new car.
      We spotted a Camry 2011 Sports Edition at $ 28k.
      Saleperson was really nice but we asked for $ 26k but the saleperson said that he couldn’t do it and need to ask his “manager” if it was ok to to sell it for $ 26k.
      10 mins later, saleperson was like, ok, the manager said it was ok to sell it for $ 26k.
      Then manager comes out and asked the saleperson what the hell was he doing. He then suddenly said that we can’t buy that car cause he’ll be losing money if he sell that car to us.
      The manager was like… hell no to us. But he did make a deal with us.
      He said we can buy that car at 175% interest with $ 10,000 downpayment but he will need to take away those racing wheels away from the car. The final price was $ 75,000 at $ 1250/month.
      Then my dad was like, are you joking me?
      Then the manager was like, there’s no way that I can sell this car to you for that cheap because your credit score doesn’t even reach 750 and is only at 715 right now, plus you are a bankruptcy person, chapter 13. So it is either you take this deal or no.
      (Manager yelled back at my dad so loud that everyone heard that we used to be bankruptcy and also told them our credit score in the entire building. Isn’t those things usually kept private?)
      We were bankruptcy in 1991, that was almost over 20 years ago and we paid it all back.

      So… what the hell is his problem?
      And seriously… do you think they will lose any $ $ if they sell a $ 28k car for $ 26k?
      I doubt it unless they bought the car at $ 28k.

      Anyway, I kinda felt bad for the saleperson, we wasted over 2 hours trying to find a car.
      But, do you think the manager sounds racist?
      We’re planning on talking to the boss tomorrow.
      My bad… the manager is Philippians and we’re Chinese.
      I guess I missed this part, he also told us that since We are Chinese, we can’t afford this car and that once you buy it, in 1 month, we’ll throw it back to them. He also told us that we should go back to China and buy a car there.

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