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    Hi FICOfriends,
    Does a collection agency have to prove how the balance is calculated? Is there a law that a CA must provide an itemized statement? I’m in California, if that makes a difference. The reason I’m asking is I have no idea how a CA came up with me oweing 242 for a movie (it’s now saying 406). I’ve asked the CA to provide an itemized statement of how the 242 balance was configured and the attorney says they do not have to provide that. The only thing he had provided me is a receipt for 10.26 when I rented the movie. All he has said is that it was for a movie and that the 406 is because of 10 percent interest being added. He says thats all he is required to tell me and that he does not have to explain the 242 balance. Is that true?*
    Original Creditor: All the Best Video
    Date opened: 12-06
    Account status: Open
    Terms: 1 month
    Monthly payment: $0
    Credit limit/Original amt: $242
    Recent balance: $460
    Status details: acct is schedule to continue on record til Jan 2013

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