Does any one know about homeowner insurance laws?

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      I have owned my home since 1998, in 2005 my husband and I divorced. I recieved the house during the divorce. During the divorce my mom moved in to help me out, I enrolled in a college in a town 50 miles away the following fall leaving my mother living in the house, prior to leaving for school I contacted my insurance provider and told them of the detailes, they said it was fine. I have been living in this other town during the fall and spring semsters since 2005. Last fall my lawn mower stopped working, and do to low finaces I decided not to purchase a new one until this spring. I also was planning on repairing 3 pieces of siding that came down during a storm in the fall. In January I recieved a phone call from my insurance agent, he told me that he was concerned by the condition of the property, i was shocked. i explained the above situation and he said that I had to be physically living in the property not a family member. I immediatly made plans to move home despite the cost of commuting the 50 miles one way to work and school. In February I recieved a letter in the mail telling me my policy would be cancled, I called and talked to my agent, He told me that he had looked at a white house with red shutters ( the house next to mine), mine has gray siding and no shutters. He told me he would re-examine the house and get back to me if my policy was still going to be cancled. I waited, and called a week later, they had yet to re-view my home. a month went by and I called them, and was informed that my policy was cancled and that the first notice given was the only notice I needed, the agent said they had not viewed the wrong property ( yet he still refered to it as the white house with red shutters), and called me a liar…because I am not there every single day of the week ( I often am schedualed to work tell 11pm and am expected to be back in at 7 AM, on those days I stay at my boyfriends, and my brother stay’s at my house on those days to let the dog out). Thus my insurance has been cancled and I feel it was done unjustly. Anyone who knows about insurance I could use your help, I dont know what to do!

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