Do I have a right to say no to a landlord?

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    My apartment complex cable lines are being rewired next week.
    I live in Northern Ohio and this makes no sense at all why the cable
    company would chose the last week of November to install new lines. The weather this time of year is highly unpredictable. One day could be 70 the next a blizzard. Also, why the week of Thanksgiving? The tenants in the building are furious. The landlord is out of town until the first Monday of December. My family is going out of town and so is most of the residents in my building. So that means the contractor wants access to our apartments without our landlord being here to let them into the units. The company was given a set of master keys to all of the units in the building. So I’m very hesitant to trust this company. The workers today didn’t have any form of ID on them. I don’t want to come home and have all my belongings stolen just for HDTV. I don’t even own an HDTV only a digital new tube set. Do I have a right to complain to my landlord about this situation? I wouldn’t mind if they setup an appointment to come into the unit while I’m home to reinstall the new lines. I just don’t want anyone to come into my apartment without myself or my landlord being there. Thanks. The only notice we received was from the contractor and not the landlord.

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