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    I live in Nashville TN. I was recently taken to court and ordered to pay a debt that I don’t know how to get out of. The orignial amount was 1000. When we got to court it was 3000. They had me sign a paper and now I pay 20monthly for forever as the interest would be impossible to pay off.

    Every month 10% interest is added to the 3000 beginning Oct. My debt to Buffaloe & Assoc now,in March is over 5000.

    What are my options? I want to settle but have no money to do this.
    I currently work 40hrs a week M-F.
    I’m taking a 22 credit semester (senior year in college)
    I have 300 teaching hours to finish by August
    My current debt (including car, school and surgery bills) is about 24,000

    I need a life plan. I feel so unprepared and I’m 24. Are there such people to sit with you and show you how to get out of debt and create a retirement plan? I also want to finish college and start a catering company.
    I feel like I have so many dreams but I’m unsure where or how to start, any help is appreciated.

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