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    I understand there are tons of companies out there who offer debt settlement programs. Some sound alright, others have been extremely annoying – after the only thing I really wanted was a consultation and some help understanding the program to begin with, they would not leave me alone!!! (Must work off commission). Anyway, I thought about negotiating with my credit card companies on my own, and one agreed (almost) to a 50% reduction. Sorry this is getting so long, but anyway!!!… How the heck do I pay that lump sum at once? When negotiating on your own, can you also request that discounted balance to be payable over a certain amount of months? Or should I just go ahead with a debt settlement company so I can make payments over 2 or 3 years? If I had a huge $ 4000 cash wad (like needed for the debt reduced 50%, which is only 2 of my 5 cards) then I probably wouldn’t have such a financial problem. lol But I don’t have that kind of money all at once up any suggestions!?

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