Debt collectors stopped calling – Should I be worried?

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      I have had an outstanding debt from a previous auto loan from a few years ago, but have not been contacted by either the collection agency or the bank for about a year now. No phone calls, no letters in the mail, nothing. Should I be worried about this? The last time I had any contact was when I called the bank directly asking how much they would need to pay off the debt. I don’t want to deal with the collection agency, I’d rather deal directly with the bank but they will only accept a lump sum. I’m just a bit worried about the lack of contact and what I should do. I want to pay this off and move on as I have done with all of my other debts, but those were much smaller amounts. I owe about 9k on the loan, although it’s probably more now with even more penalties. When I called the bank last year I was told I could pay it off for about $3500, but that would have to be a lump sum. If I wanted to do payments I’d have to set that up with the collection agency. When I asked the collection agency about payments they would only accept a 3 month payment plan which at the time was absurd considering I was living off of unemployment insurance. – The irony is that if they had offered a reasonable payment plan with my income at that time this would have been paid off by now! Do you think they are getting ready to sue me? Do you think the debt is being sold? I’m a little afraid to even call the bank and ask what’s going on, maybe they forgot about me lol (yea right!) Advice?

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