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    Is it possible for me to get a debit card for my daughter who is under 14 years of age? If so what bank would offer this?
    She does very well in finance balancing. She knows very much to spend only within what she has.

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    My neighbor recieved a debit card when she was 15. I believe as long as the parent co signs, most banks will offer childrens debit card plans.

    But I advice against it. Or, at least make sure your daughter understands how money works, and the value of a dollar; or you may be backpedaling in a few years when you daughter thinks that money just “comes out” of the atm machines.

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    Upon the usa, i?m not sure what bank does offer that service, but 14 is a good age to make your daughter sensitive and capable to undersand her personal finnances
    You can advice her to make her own savings and her own buys,
    She in that way if you keep her under some guidelines, can take a lot of valuable experience on how to handle her personal finnances.
    When i was a kid, 7 years ago my mom did so, And I’ve learned a lot on my responsabilities, and how much money can I expend…

    son good luck

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    that’s a REALLY bad idea. if you want to teach her the value of money, make her do chores for an allowance. or else be prepared to pay lots of overdraft fees.

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