credit unions-opening an account/applying for a personal loan?

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    i applied for a personal loan through a credit union then was told before they can do anything with the application i gotta first join the credit union. and make a savings deposit of a minimum $ 25. i’m wondering what qualifies you to be able to join in the first place? i have a regular checking account with another bank that is not credit union. (wells fargo). i have low credit scores due to credit cards in the past being taken to collections, which are paid now, i have ongoing cards now i pay promptly. but still have that 7 year thing on my report.however my credits still not good enough for a loan from a regular bank. is it possible that credit unions are more lieniant with low credit scores for a personal loan?

    if still not approved with a credit union do i have the option to use my vehicle as collateral in order to “prove” myself. if so-how does that work?

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