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      Question: I filed ch 7 BK will have been 2 yrs in AUG 2010 COMPLETE. My last house was a seriously bad deal w/ a bad realtor…I know my fault (I trusted him) but anyway..I want to buy a house now. So cheap and I could so afford it by far. Lookin at a payment of 600 I make 60K a yr stable work for 8 yrs in the same place 3 yrs but rent and Still payin on my car 550 a mo faithfully that was in BK too but still payin. No bad credit but no credit just took out two very small loans in May to raise my credit score…payin on time. Free credit report said i had a 630 Hows it lookin?? Any advice??
      Hmm should have said I make roughly 4,000 a mo so a 600 house payment is not a problem only a 550 car payment after that…

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