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    Has anyone else noticed that Credit Check Total has a screen that flashes when you log on? *It says that starting X date you can only check your report 3 times a month instead of the unlimited??? * And the strange thing is the effective date always is the next day. * It’s like they are just doing that to try to prevent people from checking their report too often. * *I’m not sure why they keep changing the effective date.


    Has anyone else noticed that? * Has the program definitely changed where you can only see it 3 times per month instead of unlimited amount of times?



    Copy of what they wrote:


    “Soon, we will be changing the frequency with which you can refresh your Report free of charge. Starting on 16 June 2011, you may pull a new 3-Bureau Credit Report three times every 30 days. If you require additional Reports, you may easily access them for just $29.95.

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