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    I just tried for a CLI from Capitol one, no dice!* I have had the card since February and got an initial $1,000.* Using the backdoor number I asked to speak to the supervisor and he explained I am on the “step” program…* Eligible for an increase in Sept. to $1,500.* I explained I needed the increase b/c we (wife*also)*use it for groceries and gas and I have put over $8,000 through the CC since opening it.* Still no dice.* I have to make at least two payments a month to keep it under the limit.* I guess I might have to apply for a different cash back rewards card with a higher limit…


    Any suggestions?* I have a EQ score of 739.* Utilization is around 7-9%.* Pay everything off each statement.* I do have 5 inquiries on y report, most within the last*four months (New cards at Cap. one, ChaseJC Penny, and a new car).

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