could someone show me how to calculate the liquidity and asset management…

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    …ratios, total debt to total assets ? ratios, the P/E and M/B ratios for General Electric Co.

    Could someone please help!

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    if you type how to calculate money into yahoo it will give you all the formula you need to work money problems!!!

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    The true interest rate is still quite high in this country for this program. Unless you have HUGE cash flow, it won’t change your term anywhere near the 7-10 years that some people claim.

    If you have a $ 500,000 mortgage and deposit an extra $ 5K for 2 weeks a month, it isn’t going to make a dent.

    Paying off a mortgage quickly is a foolish thing to do for many people. There is nothing wrong with manageable debt.
    Your home will rise or fall regardless of what you owe.

    Every dollar that you put into the account are dollars that you won’t be earning interest on elsewhere.
    You need someone to explain the reality of this program to you, most people can’t, esp not the ones that will profit from it.

    If you plan to own a home for a long time, the smartest thing you can do is look at paying discount points to get the lowest rate (and payment) possible for the life of the loan. Figure out if the points are worth it, every loan is different.

    If you believe that there will be appreciation again, (I’m not so sure it will be anytime soon) I suggest an interest only loan, and investing what you don’t pay to principal somewhere other than paying down your mortgage.

    It’s hard to find an honest, ethical mortgage consultant to explain your options to you, both the good and bad.

    See if they will tell you what the true interest is. You can still get a good long term mortgage for less than 6% by paying points.

    No horror stories, just a misleading concept in my opinion.

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