Consistent 2-year overtime, but new-ish job…ok for USDA or FHA?

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      I work in field service for a heavy equipment dealership. It’s what I’ve done since I graduated from college, so nearing 10 years now. I have, in those 10 years, have consistent overtime of at least 10 hours week (and often times many more). 10 hours a week would be a safe average.
      At my last employer, I worked 60+ hours a week March-Oct and then it wound down in the winter. I would occasionally only get 40 hours a week, but usually 45+. But over the two years I worked there, I certainly averaged 50 hours a week. I made $21 an hour.
      I started my new job in September 2011. I now make $25/hr and work similar hours (50+ a week). I am confident that those hours will continue. It is essentially required of my job. I could work much more if I wished, and often do, but I am certain that 50 hours a week can absolutely be expected in the future. I am confident that my employer would submit a letter, etc. stating that as well.

      I know the general rule for overtime (must be 2 years) but I also see some gray area. I just don’t see anyone who says they’ve actually be in that gray area. I see that I can possibly count my overtime from my last job, but I got paid less, so do I count the total income, or just the number of hours I worked?
      Is one mortgage (USDA vs. FHA) easier to accomplish this with than another?
      What do you suggest?

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