Confused. TU Deleted OC Tradeline But Not CA Tradeline (LVNV-related)

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    Good evening,

    I recently disputed with TransUnion that a trade line on my account be deleted do to be obsolete, along with the collection account that was under the same account number. *Today, I received a confirmation letter that the original trade line from the OC has been deleted, however the CA trade line remains and was listed as verified. *If the CRA deems that the OC is obsolete, wouldn’t the CA logically be obsolete, as well?


    Further information about the CA – it is everyone’s favorite bottom feeder, LVNV. *I originally filed a consumer dispute in 2007, which still shows on the TU CR. *Never has TU or the CA provided any sort of validation to me in regards to the debt. *Letters to LVNV had gone unanswered and they have not contacted me in over four years. *Additionally, they show as a Factoring Company on the report, which I see some people say is legitimate, and others say that it is not. *And, true to LVNV’s history, they continue to charge interest on a monthly basis, presumably for the sole consideration of indicating that the account is still active.


    On the previous TU report that I have, the DOFD could be seen from the payment history, being April of 2004, which is why I assume that they complied with the request to delete the OC trade line.


    I am working up a new letter to TU to address these concerns, and any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


    Thanks in advance,




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