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      I was dealing with impossible CC debt. Just a year ago, I gut 28 000 dollars on CC with some of them almost 25% interest rate.


      Now, I have14 500 left that was on 5 cards.

      I tried personal loan to consolidate what was left; *with my bank which is US bank, and since i had two personal loan with them in past with NO lates i taught will be easy to be approved, since my scores are between 685 and 705.Needles to say, i was denied.


      After that; i ,decide to open City bank card; since i was pre approved for 0% on 15 months. i was hopping for 5 000 credit limit; and i was shocked when they offer me credit limit of 12 500$ . I put 4 of my cards on that and I am working on paying of the fifth card that is left; which is *Capital one of 2000$


      Thanks for all advises in past 12 months to everyone.

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