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    I applied for a Citi AA mastercard a week ago and received the 7 – 10 days message.* I’ve called into the App Status number everyday this week since monday and have been told that my app was put on hold by a department they weren’t aware of or had access to.* I called the recon number, and the CSR went over the app for about ten minutes before telling me she couldn’t make a decision and to call back in ten days.* Now obviously this is going to end in a denial but I’m surprised that the process is taking this long.* Even more curious is the fact that I’ve gotten citi pre-approval letters addressed to someone else with my mailbox address.*


    I used to have a Citi Platinum Select card two years ago, that I put on a pay plan and completely paid off. Would that have any effect on the process?* I have a couple of lates clustered around 2008 but no CO, CA, judgements or anything of that nature.

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