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    I have a Circuit City Credit Card, and as most of you probably know they went out of business. Does anyone know if Chase will let you make a settlement with what is owed. My mom had a credit card from Mervyns and when she went to pay it off they told her that she was able to get a settlement in which she only had to pay off half of what she owed them but in a matter of a month or maybe two. Does anyone know if Chase is doing this with Circuit City cards? I doubt it as its Chase, and they don’t really seem to work with anyone. I wish I never got anything with them. My grandma always talked bad about them once they turned into Chase and now I know what she is talking about.
    The circuit city card is through Chase bank. It is only to be used at Circuit City stores. When I applied you were either approved for the Chase Circuit City Card or A Chase card that could be used anywhere, and I got the one that could only be used at Circuit City stores.

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