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      Whilethere have been stories of Chinese buyers being very active in the US market I
      was wondering whether it was having a significant impact on house prices here
      in LA? Because house prices are still too high and it makes no sense.


      Are there sufficient Chinese buyers in the market creating a multiplier effect and
      increasing house prices?


      How come a US citizen has to pass all these hurdles to buy property in China while they
      can come here and buy anything with ease? And I believe if you invest $1 million
      and hire ten people you get automatic citizenship. Are the Chinese using real estate investment to get citizenship? Is that even possible?


      I know for a fact that the Chinese are buying every single high end luxury car
      they can possibly get in California for shipment to China. Does anybody have an
      reliable data on how many Chinese or foreign buyers are buying property in
      California? And should we not ban that or at least put up the same rules they
      have for us when we try to buy property in China?

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