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    My wallet was stolen the other day along with my driver’s license and my credit cards, other IDs, etc. Although my social security card wasn’t in there, I decided to put a fraud alert on myself in case this thief tries to open up accounts on my name, etc.

    I ran my free annual credit report for all three credit agencies to double check that I didn’t have any forgotten cards/accounts that this person could use.

    However, I am told that I should check my credit monthly for at least one year to notice any suspicious activity on there.

    Since I used up my free credit report, is there a way to check my credit reports again soon (and again, and again) for cheap or no money? I think it’s $ 30 to run all three and monthly that would be over $ 300.

    Can crime victims or those whose identities might be in jeopardy (or any others) get some sort of special deal on checking credit reports frequently?

    (I live in New York State, if that’s relevant)

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