Chase Credit Card out to screw all.?

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    did everyone know that Chase bank is out to remove all fixed apr’s and change everyone to 15.24% variable intrest rates.. for no reason. I have been a Card holder for YEARS.. and poof just like that.. my intrest rate has trippled.. but you could always close your accounts.. and screw your credit score… Who else thinks this is criminal? Who else feels like this is a smash and grab robbery before the new bill takes effect? does anyone know any other options?
    The statement of changing everyone’s intrest was not mine. The statement belongs to the customer service supervisor I spoke to. She told me that it was not just me, they would be doing the same thing to every chace customer. I have excellent credit and credit history. I do not have high balances on any cards.. and they are not increasing. I would just pay it off.. but I have used to cards as credit was intended.. as a personal line of credit to make a large purchase that could be paid off over time. Again.. the statement of increasing everyone’s rate to “Prime rate plus 11.99%” was not my own statement but the statment made by the customer service supervisor I spoke to today.
    There truely is nothing wrong with my credit score.. It’s higher than 80% of american’s… And I can pay my bills.. I do manage my money very well.. Well I guess for the most part. Having cards with this company must have been my bad choice.. however… It’s not that I can not pay my bills. ( I am thankful for that) but it’s the point of it all.. Why can they do this? I can pay my bills but… why should I be loan sharked.. Sure… we will give you the credit you want.. but.. now.. it’s at 3 times the interest.. oh and if you don’t want us to do that it’s fine.. we will just screw your reputation in the banking comunitee. If I went out and did that.. I would be arrested for loan sharking.. so.. why aren’t they? I just feel like I am missing an option here. If need be I will pay off my balance.. close the account.. transfer.. but.. it still goes against thier arrgeement..

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