Charge offs possible to get deleted?

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    You can’t “trade” a loan under FHA or any other loan.

    So you’ll need to sell the single-wide trailer, pay off that loan, and then purchase a double wide…which is a NEW loan.

    You can’t do an FHA loan unless it’s on a permanent foundation.

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    The problem here is that you will have 2 loans to pay off, for a total of 59,995 and only space for one mobile home. You need to sell this one and have it moved out, then buy the second one to replace it. You can’t just get rid of the one you have now, there is a lien on it.

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    You can not “TRADE” loans, you have to pay the first one off (sell the single wide) and then get a mortgage on the second.

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    First post here.* These forums are a godsend.* I waned to know if it’s possible to pay a charge off and then send a PFD?* Are charge offs unpayable?


    Thanks everyone for the help!


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