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      Does anyone happen to have a fax number or email address for Capital One’s executive office or other higher-ups? I have two accounts with them, and one has my right personal info, but the other one is out of date.

      I’ve been trying to get them to correct it for over a month now, faxing documents into their fraud prevention department etc – and they have the one account correct, but they keep not updating the other one. I’ve called them up many times and had them transfer me to a supervisor who said she noted the issue and would have them fix it by the end of the day. That was two weeks ago, and as of about an hour ago, magically, the one account still doesn’t show the right info.

      I’m pretty tired of faxing the exact same papers to the exact same fax number time after time with absolutely no results, so I’m hoping someone might have higher up contact information so I can get someone to get the problem fixed.

      Ironically the account that I plan to close (my secured card) is the one that has the right info – the one that I want to keep open (my regular unsecured Platinum account) has the wrong/old info on it. But their fraud prevention department only has one fax number*(that like*6 different people gave me on the phone on different occasions), won’t accept mail sent to them, and has received my faxes literally half a dozen or more times, with no result yet. Getting pretty tired of dealing with them, hoping there might be a higher up to contact.

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