Cap1, NCO/CVF Acquistions…HELP? what is going on?

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    Can a CA recall a debt it sold to another CA? I’m so confused!! We applied for a mortgage and CVF Acquisitions/Resurgent bought an old cap1 charge off from NCO and threw it on my husband’s credit as an installment account without notifying us. I immediately PFD’d, no response, send a DV, no response (yet) and then complained to the BBB and AG about not getting notice, and was notified today that they were going to delete this tradeline from all 3 credit agencies….
    well….what’s in my mailbox this afternoon but a “settlement offer” from NCO for the same account?? (balances match up) Can NCO recall this debt from CVF/Resurgent?? And if so can they now just report it to the CRA without notice?
    It’s not reporting (yet)? What’s the best course of action here? Will it show up as a new collection? Ugh, help!! This is a debt set to age off in a matter of months, but we want to buy a house 3 months before it’s to age off and it cannot be reporting for us to get a mortgage!

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