Can old accounts/collections be removed from credit file?

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      I am trying to clean up my credit report and check for errors. I have had credit problems in the past, but I have been doing well the last year. I am wanting to clean up some older mistakes.

      — I read online that you can have hard inquires bumped from your Equifax and Transunion reports if you do a “soft inquiry” on your report everyday yourself. I read that Truecredit and other monitoring sites can bump these hard inquires off if you check your own report frequently enough, because there is only space for a few of the inquires. True??

      1. — I have an account with a collection agency that I am currently paying on monthly and have payment terms set up with the agency. I noticed on my report that the collection agency has made THREE inquires… one in Nov 2008, one in Feb 2009, and one in March 2009. Why are they making inquires? I am not requesting credit from them… I am paying them. Is this legal?

      2. — I have inquires from Security Finance from when I took out a loan with them. However, when they “refinance” your loan or you get a new loan, they inquire on your report once again. Can I request that all but one of these inquires be removed? Would they even allow that?

      3.– I was searching for a car loan in the Fall of 2007. I have many hard inquires on my credit report from different lenders. Will these drop off in the Fall of 2009 because of the two year limit, or can I request that these inquires be dropped off sooner?

      4. — I have two accounts with Capital One that were both charged off in 2004. These accounts were paid in full, I did not take the settlement. Both of these accounts were paid in 2004. Would it do any good to request that these accounts be removed from my credit report? Will credits remove information if it has been many years and the debt was paid in full?

      5. — I have old collection accounts from 2006 through 2008. These accounts have all been paid. Is it possible to write a letter to have these old accounts removed as well?

      6.– I had an account with HSBC that is now closed, but I am paying it off and it will be paid in full in May. The account is showing up as three different accounts on my credit report, however I only have the one credit card.

      7.– I have old credit cards from 2002 and 2003 that are closed and paid off. These were not charge offs or collections. Can I request that these accounts be removed from my credit report as well?

      Sorry for all questions, but thank you in advance for the answers!

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