Can Banks Legally Charge you Fees if your unemployed?

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    I have been unemployed since February since my temp job was not renewed. I have had at least 1 job interview every single week since then. For what ever reason I have been unsuccessful coming down to the last 2, being too experienced, not experienced enough, appearing too entrepreneurial, the list goes on. I have tried every job interview from the perfume spraying shop girl to the corporate office job. The point being Im trying. I pre warned my bank about my situation and they have basically taken ?45 in overdrawn fees. I went over drawn in March but then replaced it.
    Them doing this is taking money out of my pocket for my rent and travel to interviews. Even though I am picking up job seekers allowance. I didn’t bother with the council tax stuff as I honestly thought I would have a job right now. It really disgusts me what they have done charging me that amount as it’s put me in a real difficult situation in regards to rent. If I cant afford to use Oyster I will just have to walk the 6 miles which is not too bad really.

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