Can anyone tell me where i can buy home made product?

Credit and mortgage advice Forums Buying Your Home Can anyone tell me where i can buy home made product?

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    I want buy home made shoe,home made bag etc but as long as is unique and not available to buy at other place.I belive taiwan have a lot of this kindbusiness.Can anyone provide website link where can buy home made product.

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    I think you are right about Taiwan, but I think you can also get boots and leather goods in Spain and South America. I think if you look up global manufacturing you might get information.

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    I’d just go bankrupt. You have a low credit score it can’t go much worst. I filed bankruptcy about nine months ago. Life goes on. Speak with an attorney. You do not want to file bankruptcy by yourself.

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    You should consider selling and buying if possible before a bankruptcy. You will not be able to buy for a while after you have filed. You will still be able to keep your house, car and whatever else you don’t want included in the bankruptcy.

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