Can a lawyer help with reducing debt owed to the courts?

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      I owe the court money for unpaid traffic tickets. The tickets resulted from a DUI and for driving on license suspended for a DUI. I have completed all of the programs required by the courts, the only step I have left is paying the tickets. They have been turned over to collections. I owe a little over $ 3000 to one collection agency, at least that’s what shows up on the credit report, and I owe about $ 600 to the other collections. I have tickets in 2 other Counties that I have not yet showed up in court for, but these are just tickets, not DUIs. Is it worth hiring a lawyer to try to consolidate and maybe reduce my debt, or is that just wishful thinking. I read something on the internet about how hiring a lawyer might be better because the collection agencies try to get the most out of you. Please just give me real answers, I already know how stupid the situation I am in is. Thanks.

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