Can a deferred student loan lower my credit score?

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    I am a 22-yr. old, fifth year college student. I have been taking loans out from the same lender for these 5 years, and plan to until I graduate this summer. When I graduate, my student loan debt will be somewhere around $30,000. I have been paying off interest on some of my loans, but I have no other payments due until 6 months after I graduate. Recently, I tried applying for my first credit card and was disappointed when I was denied. I signed up for a free credit report. I was again surprised when the three major credit bureaus all stated, “No credit score to report at this time.” I called the costumer service for help. They weren’t much. How can I not have a credit score?

    Today, I received the letter explaining that I was declined because my credit score is 698 and my income is too low. How was the credit card company able to retrieve my credit score, but I can’t?!

    I went back to immediately, and it still says, “No credit score to report at this time.” Am I missing something? Why are they hiding my score from me?!

    I am a 22 yr. old college student with $30,000 of deferred student loans. I have never had a credit card in my life and have two minimum-wage paying jobs. What is going on with my credit?
    Why would the credit card company tell me my credit score is 698 if all the credit bureaus tell me I don’t have credit at all?

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