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    I have a charged off account that I received a notice from a CA that they had purchased.* In the initial notice they stated that the OC would also send written confirmation that they had sold the account.* I responded with a letter requesting confirmation that they were the sole owner of the account.* I didn’t send the letter CMRRR, but they responded acknowledging that they had received my letter.* I contacted the CA by phone to discuss the issue of who the legal owner of the account was.* They refused to send me anything in writing other than the original notice.* After this I wrote the OC and requested confirmation that they had sold the account to the CA.* I did answer another call from the CA and said that I needed written confirmation.* He said that I wasn’t going to get anything in writing from them or the OC.* The original letter from them was all I was going to get.* To date I have not received confirmation from either the OC or CA.
    This charge off was a pretty typical story for 2009.* I fell behind on the account and despite 3 attempts the OC would not agree to accept any payment plan that I could afford.* When I did start working again I contacted them to let them know that I would be able to work something out once I started getting my paychecks.* They said that the account was scheduled to charge off on a certain date.* When I got back to them they said that the account had already been charged off, before the date they had stated.
    I have never refused to repay this debt and despite not having a payment agreement I have been making monthly payments to the OC.* This is the second CA in this story.* I refused to talk to the first CA about this debt and I told them that I would only talk to the OC.* The OC cashed the checks every month and reported the balance changes to the CRAs.
    In the letter to the OC I requested confirmation that they no longer had any legal claim to the debt.* I also stated that if I didn’t receive any response by July 1 that I would assume that they still had legal claim to the debt and that I would resume payment directly to them.
    My questions:
    Without any responses, should I make the payments to the OC?
    What can I do about the CA?* It’s my understanding that since they are not the OC, they have to stop collection attempts and CRA reporting until they respond.* It’s also my understanding that they can only collect the debt that was charged off and cannot tack on finance charges.
    I do not trust either the OC or CA in this case.* Neither of them have a good reputation in these matters and I do not want to end up paying out more than I owe or having to deal with more issues than I already have to deal with.

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