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    I´m from the Uk, working (under the table in a bar )in Barcelona, and a few days ago at work, broke my toe due to a fallen well heavy gas canister. I´ve been to hospital with my manager told me to say it happened at my friends house, cos I dont think he´s legit either), and went along, had x-rays, went to GP´s for consultation, prescriptions, change of bandages, now seeing a specialist on weds.

    I have insurance and an EHIC thing, but unable to walk, and of course work for for some time. I kind of need to, in order to make money to pay for stuff.

    Does anyone know if I am entitled to compensation although I dont have an NIE number (like a social security number), or whether my insurance will be affected if I tell them the fake story, dont really fancy lying to them (insurance fraud, no?).

    I guess I should be more worried, as my money´s running out!

    Thanks a bunch (of healthy toes, that are left)


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