Bought vista laptop, office home and student 2007 came with the purchase,

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    laptop crashed, lost it, what to do? Ok so when i bought my laptop, it was before windows 7 obviously and so i got vista. At this time Office Home and Student 2007 came on the laptop with the purchase of the laptop.

    This past year i was having some problems with my laptop and it wasnt charging because there was something wrong with the plug in area where the charger goes. I gave to to the Geek Squad thing at best buy, and they put in a new hard drive which was completely unecessary and they did it before they even told me about it!
    I was ok with it except that they put office 2010 TRIAL on it. when it expired i was like WTF!?!
    The geek squad guy told me to call microsoft and say that “my disc has been reformatted” but im not quite sure what that means and if it will even work.

    So tell me what my best options are here? and if what the guy said will even work?
    No discs were provided. It was installed on the laptop when i bought it and a sticker with an activation key was on the bottom of my laptop. Either way, having it doesnt help because they put 2010 trial on my computer not 07
    We didnt have the recovery discs beforehand and they said we could pay extra for them….i used them after i got my laptop back and office 07 didnt return, on office2010 trial
    I didnt swap btw, i had originally bought my laptop with vista, before windows 7 was even out yet, as i said in the question -__-

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