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      Since fall of 2010 I have been trying to rebuild. I got a hand full of new cards in the fall winter of 2010. Cap one (500), HSBC BB MC (300), HSBC Discover (500), WFNNB Victorias Secret (250), and the big one GEMB Walmart (1100). The Walmart card came a couple months after I got the first 3. My scores have met my initial goals of 650. Now Im going for more. I want to be over 700 by the end of the year.


      Anyway, I noticed WFNNB upped my credit limit to $470. This was very surprising considering I had a charge off with them 6 years ago that is still on my report. This got me thinking, so I requested limit increases on the other cards. Here are my results..


      WFNNB Victorias secret, 250 to 470

      Cap One 500 to 750

      HSBC BB Master Card 300 to 600 (This by far the most suprising)

      HSBC Discover no change

      GEMB Walmart 1100 to 1200


      I was really suprised to see that I got credit limit increases especially from HSBC. But it seems they be relaxing a bit on the lower end cards. I have never missed a payment, I carry a balance on all cards (most are small, under $100). Its been 9 months since I started to rebuild my credit and I have come a long way in a short amount of time. I hope this gives someone some inspiration to keep going… I was in 400’s at one point…

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