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      I declared bankruptcy about 5 years ago and since then I have only had a current account and I have been trying to rebuild my credit rating. I looked at my credit rating today using one of those sites that shows you your current status and I noticed that one of the credit cards that was included in my bankruptcy has been showing up on my file ever since the date of the bankruptcy and it is showing that since that time I have been defaulting every month on the outstanding payments. This same company contacted me a few months ago threatening me with the bailiffs because of the outstanding amount. When I told them that this card had been included in my bankruptcy, they said that that would be an end to the matter. Yet this card is still showing up on my file and keeping my credit rating low. How do I get them to remove this card, so that I can improve my score?
      Do I have any sort of legal recourse in this matter? This credit card should have been removed from my credit score years ago and it never was. And as a result I can’t now take out a loan I need to continue with my studies.
      Thanks Johnny, I am in the UK yeah. Although when looking at my file there were about ten different things included in my bankruptcy and that credit card is the only one showing as outstanding.

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