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      I currently have three cards with penalty ADRs from a few lates I had two years back


      Barclays iTunes Juniper – $0 balance, 29.99% APR, CL $2,750 (recently raised from $750)

      Citibank Platinum – $$1,365 balance, 29.99% APR, CL $4,050 (currently paying down using Citi Payment Parnet Program and receiving statement credit for interest charged; balance was at $4,050)

      Bank of America “Gold” – $0 BALANCE, 29.99% apr, CL $500 (CL was lowered in 2009 from ~$2,000, I currently use the card for recurring bills like newspaper subscriptions and PIF)


      I don’t really care about the Gold card but I would like to get the Barclays and Citi APRs reduced.

      1) Does asking for an APR reduction lead to a hard pull?

      2) For Citi, should I wait until the card comes out of payment partner (1 more month)

      3) It it best to threaten a balance transfer (I can transfer the Citi balance to Discover or Chase at 0% APR)


      I’m assuming I have the best chance with Barclays given they just raise my CL by $2,000. Should I also ask for a product change to something like Virgin Americas?

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