Any tips for how much money I should save before moving out?

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    I’ve just graduated high school, and I’m just wondering if anyone has any tips how much money I should save before moving out.

    I’ll be going back to school in September (fulltime), but my school is about a 45-60 minute drive away from where I currently live, 1.5-2 hours by bus. I’m fine commuting from where I live at the moment. My car’s insurance is paid until next year, and it’s fairly good on gas. But I feel like there’s eventually going to be a time where I’m going to need that time commuting for studying for exams or something.

    Just a little info on my income..
    I get $ 1000 a year for schooling, and on top of that are my parents chipping in a little bit for my university education. I’ve also saved a couple thousand on my own, but this money is strictly for school.

    I work about 20 hours a week, and try and save 200-250 of each paycheck. I’m currently saving up for a lot of spending money for a trip this summer, and after that I plan on saving up to move out.

    How much money do you think I should save up before I start looking to move out? (without having to worry about not being able to pay the rent in time for a bit) I’d probably move into a house share or find a roommate. Couple hundred? One months rents worth? Two?

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