Any ratings source for a realtors for home buying ?

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    I am trying to buy a house and would like to choose a realtor. what options should I consider in choosing a realtor. I have no friends who are realtors. I have a few recommendations. But how would I narrow the ONE. Are there websites that rate the realtors? Like CNEt for electronics or rate my professors for professors, are there any websites with the realestate agent reviews or rating. Any tips in helping choose a realtor is greatly appreciated.
    I am looking for one in grand rapids michigan.

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    There are no sites that rate realtors.

    I would pick a realtor and use them a day BEFORE you sign a buyer broker agreement. OR sign the buyer agreement for a one day period only.

    Treat the one day they take you out as a job interview. Did they ask you questions about what you want in a home, area, price, etc. And then did they show you want you wanted and explain the questions you had.

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    I am not aware of a review site for real estate professionals. Recommendations from friends and family are a great way to go for selecting a Realtor but you may also want to take the time to meet with and interview them. Make sure the person you select really understands what you are looking for. Once you narrow it down, have the one you select show you three homes. If she/he misses the mark for what you’re looking for, it’s not too late to select another one.

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    it is something the corporation sponsors like a party or raffle by suppling funds or other things

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