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    Kinda…I’ve been lurking for months…just signed up.


    Thanks all, for lots of information that I’ve already put to good (?) use.*


    I’ve got WAAAAY too much plastic debt.* Credit scores are climbing…I’ve got the score for prime cards, but cannot actually have them until BK falls off of my CR.* (Should be the end of the year…)


    In the meantime, I’m in the mid to high 600’s across the board, and while my utilization is still too high, it IS coming down, and my scores are going up!


    I’d be embarrassed to admit how many credit accounts we have, but I’m hoping to be able to qualify for larger credit lines and do some 0 percent balance transfers after the first of the year.


    Unless, of course, y’all know of a prime card that is OK with a BK…* :smileywink:

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