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      Another month over…it’s been a long one…been pretty busy too.
      Here’s what I’ve been able to accomplish this month:

      • Midland collection account for an Aspire Visa (CompuCredit) has been officially deleted from EX and TU…it’s still on EQ and they won’t remove it. I even sent them a letter citing the FTC case and they won’t budge at all. Oh well, I guess I can’t win them all. I will be trying to GW Midland for deletion.
      • Trident Asset Management has been deleted from EX; was originally a PFD agreement. It fell off of TU first, and I had to send them a letter “reminding” them that they were to delete from all CRA’s.
      • Salute Visa was officially deleted from EQ after their investigation (was still pending at the beginning of this month, but had been deleted from EX and TU prior)

      Baddies left to work on:

      • An MOV request was sent to the 3 bureaus, mainly focusing on my paid judgements. Still waiting to hear back from the CRA’s on those.
      • LVNV: My last communication from the BBB stated that they were “investigating” the account. In the meantime, they’ve put a dispute comment on the TL’s in my credit reports, and it should be approaching 30 days fairly soon. Will have to see what they end up doing, if anything.
      • First Premier: I’ve been trying to arrange a PFD for the last couple of weeks, but they’ve kept rejecting it. I will keep at it, but if not, I will just pay them and then GW them to death. An MOV request is currently in progress with the bureaus.
      • Midland collection account for T-Mobile: Not sure what they are doing, but they’ve put a dispute flag and cleared information about this account (for example, EX reports NO STATUS), even though I never inquired or did anything on it (all of my inquires and letters were regarding the other one). I don’t know if I should sit on it or let them know I never “disputed” anything with them. It’s $1,200, which I don’t have now or else I’d try to PFD it. It’s supposed to fall off later this year, so I might just let it be.
      • Plains Commerce: I gave them a call asking for when the last payment was made on this account, unfortunately they were unable to look up any information on the account or even tell me who the account was sold to. I left a message on their website stating that the account was “verified” with the CRA’s (I did a dispute on it in March) yet reps were not even able to tell me info or who the account was sold to. We’ll see what happens.

      Natural Positives to my CR:

      • Capital One/HSBC: $90/$400 CL – perfect payment history since opened.
      • Capital One Secured: $59/$300CL – perfect payment history since opened
      • Sallie Mae Student Loan: $50, perfect payment history since deferment ended, $2500 balance, will be back in deferment once I go back to school in September

      How my reports are looking:
      EX: 14 positive accounts, 9 derogs (3 PR’s, 6 CA’s/CO’s), 4 INQ’s (2 from applications, 2 from CA’s)
      EQ: 10 positive accounts, 7 derogs (2 PR’s, 5 CA’s/CO’s), 4 INQ’s (2 from CapOne, 2 from HSBC)
      TU: 10 positive accounts, 6 derogs (3 PR’s, 3 CA’s/CO’s) , 3 INQ’s (2 from CapOne, 1 from CA)
      I’m chipping away at ’em…but I feel better knowing that I will get there somehow!!!

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