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      So this morning had a phone call with a loan officer. I am going through the Georgia program for Dream Home Ownership. It offers flexible loan guidelines and they also have a program offering $5000 for closing costs in the form of a second mortgage. I have always planned to apply for the loan on 4/16 (waited to pay stuff off and it update on my credit) and to make it better, I got an email alert that the interest rate on their loan program was at 3.5%- it had ben hovering around 4.3%!
      They had a list of top closing loan officers for the end of last year, so I called #1 on the list. She was quite friendly and even though we had to play a little phone tag, she always called back. She pulled my credit and she said my score was good, it was either 697 or 657 (5 and 9 sound so similar on the phone!!) so I will need to clarify which it was, as well as of that was my middle score or just one report. She did explain I need to show proof my student loans are deferred for at least a year, which shouldn’t be a problem since I am still in school and they update that at the end of each term. That should happen around end of May, if not before. Also, I have a judgement that I paid directly to the collection agency, and everybody on the creditors side can’t seem to figure out how to go about filing a satisfaction. I literally have been trying to clear this up for the past 2 years.* My LO said I need to start threatening to sue, and I may end up having to actually sue to get it taken care of. Hopefully I will get somebody on the line who can help. I was dealing with a lady for the past 2 years, and then last week I guess she got tired of me calling so she forwarded me to somebody who I had to re-explain the whole situation to, as well as explain how to file a satisfaction of judgement. I practically had to explain how to put a stamp on an envelope to her….. smh…. Plus I called and left a message for the legal department.
      Anyway, my LO sent me an email with my list of required documents, most of which I had already put together in a file on my computer. I faxed my last 3 years w2s and last month of pay stubs and she said that would start my qualification. The rest of the list she said I can send later, so I will try to get it all in by Wednesday, but it appears that my loan process has started!!!
      I only wanted to throw up once today from nervousness, so I guess that’s a start!! :smileylol:

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