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    I’m very new to AMEX. Made my first charge September 2nd. I plan to use this card for all regular monthly reocurring bills and for work related expenses. I am in sales and I am required to use my own money to pay for client lunches, entertainment, etc. I get reimbursed every 3 weeks. My question is how long is a billing cycle for AMEX and how long after the cycle ends do you have until your bill is due. I just want to make sure I have all monies from my company before the bill becomes due. For example I just sent off expenses today. I will have that check next Thursday. If I use my card tomorrow for a lunch that I have, I won’t submit those expenses until 2 weeks from today and will obtain those funds a week after they are sent off. Will that give me enough time. If I get my expenses for the next 2 weeks in 3 weeks and that statement cuts on 9/30 for example, will I have 20 days to pay? Hope I wasn’t too confusing! Thanks guys love this board!!

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