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    We rented a car over the weekend from Enterprise and used our Amex.* When we first got the Amex card, I read in the fine print of the paperwork that came with it — DECLINE the insurance that the car rental agency will try to sell you.* If you sign up for the car rental agency insurance, according to the paperwork that comes with the Amex card, your insurance with Amex becomes null and void.* My husband did not know this so, when the customer rep at Enterprise filled out the contract, he did not know* to DECLINE the insurance.* When he came back home with the car, I looked over the contract and saw that he had not declined the insurance.* I showed him the paperwork that came with the Amex card and he called the 1-800-number and spoke with Amex customer service.* They asked him which branch of Enterprise he’d gone to and asked him to take the car back and have the contract re-written to DECLINE the insurance coverage.* While he was driving the car back to Enterprise, Amex customer service called the specific branch of Enterprise where my husband had rented the car and told them to prepare a new contract.* When my husband walked in the door of Enterprise, they already had the new contract filled out (with the insurance declined) and all my husband had to do was initial and sign the new contract and be on his way with the vehicle.*


    We were thrilled with the customer service we received from Amex and thoroughly impressed by their going the extra mile in calling the rental car agency and making sure that the folks there filled out the contract correctly.*


    We never had this kind of benefit using our debit card to rent a car for the weekend.

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