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    sorry for those of you that answered my last question.

    Ok, here is the situation. I posted my laptop for sale on wich is a website that helps you sale locally. The problem is I think someone is trying to scam me. Here is the ad I put on ksl

    Asking price 600.00 obo

    Hello, I am in the process of going on a mission. To help fund it I am selling this laptop. Last year I bought this laptop at Best buy for $ 850.00. I am having a hard time putting this up because I love it so much. It got me through a year of collage. The detailed specs are:

    * Ram: 1gig

    * Processor: AMD Turion 64 X2

    * Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150 graphics and NVIDIA nForce Go 430 chipset

    * OS: Windows Vista Home Premium (32 bit)

    * Wireless: 802.11

    * Integrated Altec Lansing stereo speakers

    * Standard 6-cell battery or 12-cell available for additional battery life

    * Weight: 6.6 lbs

    Like I said before. This laptop got me through collage. I will also give you external speakers keyboard and mouse.

    The laptop has one minor problem that can be fixed. The wireless needs to be fixed. A computer company can probobly fix it for $ 30.00, which I can cut out of the price.

    Thanks a lot for looking.

    So I check my email and a guy seems interested:

    Hi Seller,
    let me know if i can pay through paypal for this item and also let me know the working condition of the item ..pls reply me ASAP

    I write back:

    Yea you could pay through paypal. Although im not sure how to do that. I have a paypal account though so it should work. The laptop works just like new. Although the wireless does not work, you can either:
    *use a ethernet cable to hook it up directly to the moden or router.
    *or you can get the wireless replaced wich wont be too expensive (around $ 30.00)
    Overall its a great laptop. By paying with paypall I take it Im going to have to ship, right?
    Thanks for contacting me.

    He writes back:

    hello there,
    i am sorry for not getting back to you earlier about this item,i
    will pay you US $ 850.00 for the cost of the item and the shipment
    abroad through USPS International Priority Mail so pls kindly end
    auction for the item as i willbe sending the payment pls
    kindly get the item ready for shipment as soon as payment has been
    received..i look forward to your reply..thanks

    I just barely wrote back:

    Hi John. I dont know how to do this through paypal. If you could please explain to me what I am supposed to do I will gladly do it. What I am confused about is does paypal just put the money in my account, and how do i trust i that this isnt a scam? Also were do you live, so I can ship it to you. Sorry I am so weary, but I have got ripped of twice before. So if you could just answer those questions. Also why are you going to pay 850.00? how are you sending the payment? Thanks a lot.

    Ok here is what he said:

    Hello There,
    Thanks for the response and i really want to buy this item from
    you and i have a very good offer for you and i will also if you can
    sign up for paypal at,so that i can give you offer,pls
    act fast and get back to me asap……….thanks

    I responded:

    I already have a paypal, but I usually only use it on ebay to purchase from other sellers. I have never sold. So can you see how I am confused? Anyway, I wont be able to send it until tuesday. Is that ok?

    I wrote another email that says:

    I am led to believe this is a scam………….

    He said:

    Yes,no problem you can still receive payment through it..once i have
    name and paypal e-mail for payment and also why are you leding to
    believe this is a scam you see anything strange in this
    conversation..let me know so that i can explain to you very well..and
    also dont forget to send me your name and paypal e-mail for
    payment..pls act fast and get back to me asap..thanks

    I then replied:

    Well, is it possible that I get payment before I send the laptop? Because if so I would be able to do that. The fact that it is international shipping scares me. Because one time I did this and I never got paid. But If I can have the money befor I send it I would feel a lot better. Thanks a lot.

    is it possible for me

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