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    Last July I purchased a new work truck through a local dealer and financed through Ally Financial. In December I opened a new checking account from BofA and set up bill payment through B of A. I receive 1 paycheck per month from a business I own and it is auto deposited into this new acct. My company’s new bookkeeper accidentally sent the check to another checking account that I use. So the Ally payment didn’t get paid on the due date. I received notice From B of A and went to the Ally website immediately to pay the bill. It was on 12/20 during regular business hours and I made the payment and was current once again (the payment due date is the 22nd of the month.). In February I received an alert from that a 60 day late was reported to EQ and 2-30 day lates were reported to TU. Now I know that the payment was made before the payment was even 30 days late so I disputed the lates and they were both “corrected” to 1-30 day late. After calling Ally they state that although my payment was made before they were 30*”calendar” days late, they received my payment after 1 pm on Friday Dec. 20th and it is their policy not to post payments till following business day. I have disputed this twice already and they refuse to use the calendar that the rest of the world uses. My payment was made during their reg. Business hours and they beause of the way their system works they sisnt post my payment till it was 30 days late. Does anyone see any hope for this being removed?

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