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    hi guys…i just applied to open an account with Alliant CU but got a Notice of Adverse Action.* I called them to find out what that meant and the rep I spoke with said that he did not see that my application was denied, so at this point, it just needs to be reviewed by one of their rep.* Has anyone gone through this type of review?* can you share info as far as what documentation was asked from you?


    helpful info i got from them….another rep i spoke with verified that they pull exclusively EQ for membership and cc.* the rep said it did not matter where in the US you were, they only use EQ.* and helpful as far as applying for cc, she told me that to be approved, EQ FICO score has to be at least 670 or better.* i also verified if there was another variant type of score they use and she said just the FICO.* also, they let you apply for a cc with a joint owner and you don’t even need a joint account with that joint owner.

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